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Branch: Human Resource Management and Development

Boss Directorate: HR Strategy and Planning.

Pay: R1 073 187 – R1 264 176 for every annum (Level 13), (a comprehensive compensation bundle), organized as follows: Basic compensation – 70% of bundle; State commitment to the Government Employee Pension Fund – 13% of essential compensation. The excess adaptable part might be organized as far as the relevant compensation rules.

Focus: Head Office, Pretoria.


An undergrad capability in Human Resource Management/Public
The board/Administration/Industrial Psychology/Management Science
at NQF level 7 as perceived by SAQA. An SMS Pre-section endorsement
supported by the National School of Government is required. 5 years’ insight
in centre/senior administration is required. Broad involvement with Human
Asset Planning/Public Administration/Management/Industrial
Brain research/Management Sciences climate. Information on the Public
Administration Regulations of 2016 applicable to Human Resource Planning.
Information on the Public Service Regulatory Frameworks applicable to Human
Asset Planning. Information on Skills Development Act and related
regulations. Information and comprehension of Human Resource Delegations as
well as Departmental Regulatory Framework. Information on Employment
30 Value Plan. Vital ability and authority. Client direction and
client centre. Individuals the executives and strengthening. Monetary and
information the executives. Program and undertaking the board. Responsibility
furthermore, change the executives. Refereeing and goal. Business
progression and using time productively. Critical thinking and investigation. Business report composing. Affecting and organizing. Arranging and sorting out.
The show, correspondence as well as relational abilities. Training and
tutoring. PC proficiency. A substantial driver’s permit, eagerness to travel and
work broadened hours or available for any emergencies.

Coat of arm


The effective up-and-comer will be liable for, among others, the accompanying explicit undertakings: Managing and screening Human Resource systems and the execution of the Branch. Deal with the execution of incorporated Human Asset technique adjusted to the mission and vision that characterizes the
Office future helps conveyance over long-haul goals. Lead and direct
the turn of events and execution of HR procedures and drives adjusted
with the general business technique. Lead and direct the execution of
goals expressed as far as expected results on transient nature in view of long and momentary targets. Deal with the turn of events and execution
of the scorecard to screen the exhibition of the Branch against targets.
Guarantee that the essential human asset targets that express a quantitative
setting approach and stressing goals as per the time spans. Lead the ID of serious technique and lay out a powerful interface between the Branch and Business. Lead and direct the checking of what’s the more, investigation of HR incentives and commitment to the execution of the HR system. Distinguish HR methodology frameworks that will alleviate through the presentation of inside adaptable Human Resource framework receptive to organic market elements. Lead and direct co-the employable methodology that emphasises admittance to
fundamental HR and includes the formation of interior limit. Lead
the estimating, assessing, checking and detailing of the Branch’s progress
(month to month, quarterly and every year). Investigate Branch execution, make inputs furthermore, guidance on the advancement status. Foster Branch’s yearly schedule for the Branch Performance Session, leads the cycle and direction of Branch meetings. Give guidance to the Branch during the choice and survey of key
execution regions to guarantee that the best HR system is conveyed. Act as
the Branch Nodal Point on the Departmental Planning matters. Lead and direct
occasional HR programs including HR reviews for viable checking and
assessing HR programs for compelling utilization of Human resources. Lay out the
interface between HR techniques that frames the wide brilliant plans that effects
HRM&D. Lead and direct the coordination of labour force arranging in the
Division. Deal with the turn of events and execution of the labour force
methodologies and plans. Lead and direct labour force arranging and plans concurring to the monetary arranging cycle and (financial plan) monetary arrangement. Make a due assessment, check and changing of the HR plan process. Direct the interpreting of future labourer interest and forecast of the number of representatives regarding skills and capacities in the arrangement of activity. Guarantee that the labour force plan has a clear comprehension of the Departmental strategy, goals and methodology. Lead the coordination and examination of present and future labour force necessities to decide on holes or excess. Guarantee that the business plan mirrors the departmental objectives and targets to be accomplished. Guarantee the arrangement of the functional and human asset procedures begin in the Departmental procedure. Lead and direct the examination of the ongoing labour force profile to lay out a standard of the present status of the Department (i.e segment information on the labour force, retirement qualification, abilities and capabilities, pay information, administrative proportions and the board, projected authority positions).

Coat of arm

Decide the degree of practical necessities connected to meeting hierarchical targets and the degree to the turnover that diminished that ability set of specific word-related gatherings. Give exhortation in the Department on making exact future evaluations to draw in possible representatives. Lead and direct the HRP necessities on the requirements for extra representatives, as far as the number of required abilities and capabilities at current and decide future forecasts to accomplish short/medium and long haul targets. Guarantee that colleagues assemble exact and substantial, the investigation by deciphering data with the view to illuminate future interest for labourers. Lead and direct the coordination of Human Resource arranging in the Department. Deal with the coordination of HR investigating execution against activity plan. Deal with the coordination of revealing of reviews, administrative and other questions from oversight organizations. Lead and direct HR designation processes 31 in arrangement with DPSA Directive on Public Administration and Management Assignments. Deal with the Directorate functional preparation, detailing, planning and consumption process. Lead and direct the coordination of
Common and National HR discussions. Give composed commitments to
departmental quarterly advancement reports, Annual reports, Budget discourse and Yearly Performance Plans. Create and consent to execution arrangements for the directorate in light of supported vital and Annual Performance Plans of the
Office. Guarantee that HR Planning is put in a monetary viewpoint by
accommodating HR Planning and planning. Oversee and screen the coordination
of HR arranging mediations and projects. Lead and direct Human
Asset (HR) strategy advancement consistency checking and assessment in
the Branch. Deal with the turn of events and audit HR strategies and
methods. Lead and direct the advancement of HR strategy observing and
assessing plans in accordance with the pertinent structures and best practices. Lead the plan and execution of observing and assessment structures. Lead
what’s more, direct intermittent interior surveys and reviews on existing HR strategies. Make due to the examination cycle and functional dangers and the improvement of hazard the board methodologies. Guarantee distinguishing proof of strategy consistency gives that required remediation.


Lead and convey composed HR arrangements and techniques across the Department. Guarantee that approach assessment testing techniques are consistently checked in a joint effort with the strategy observing Unit. Guarantee that HR arrangements are reported for consistency, check of oversight and observing exercises. Give master counsel to senior administration and colleagues about executing HP strategy
consistency programs. Oversee and carry out essential goals and
advancement inside the Unit. Foster the Operational arrangement for the unit and guarantee successful prioritization and asset authoritative turn of events and plan. Foster the functional arrangement against the concurred goals and time periods. Give key heading to the Unit. Report on the presentation of the Unit
against the functional arrangement. Foster specialized skills inside the Unit and
stay informed concerning specialized advancements. Give exhortation and direction on changing the executive’s perspectives and matters.

Coat of arm

Recognize ventures and drives to further develop business cycles and strategies to work with powerful administration conveyance. Deal with the turn of events, execution and
correspondence of an extensive change in the board technique. Guarantee
successful administration and consistency inside the Directorate. Create and
carry out administration cycles, structures and systems inside the Unit.
Screen and guarantee consistency with regulation, guidelines, DHA strategies and
systems inside the Unit. Guarantee consistency with all review prerequisites
inside the Unit. Address the Unit at the executives and other government
gatherings. Screen quality, hazard, guidelines and practices against recommended
systems. Guarantee that resources of the Unit are observed in consistent resources furthermore, Supply Chain Management Framework.

Coat of arm

Manage physical, human and monetary assets of the Unit. Deal with the financial plan and screen that consumption is in accordance with monetary prerequisites and the Unit’s goals. Give inputs into the arrangement of the yearly spending plan. Oversee outer project workers and providers inside the Unit in a successful and effective way. Liaise with inside speciality Unit to guarantee that Supply Chain M

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