8. Join Salt Employee Benefits as a Custodian/Cleaner – Elevate Your Career in Building Maintenance

Join Salt Employee Benefits as a Custodian/Cleaner – Elevate Your Career in Building Maintenance



Role Overview:

Are you passionate about maintaining a clean and orderly environment? Do you take pride in your cleaning skills and attention to detail? Salt Employee Benefits invites you to become a vital part of our team as a Custodian/Cleaner. In this role, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring our building remains in impeccable condition. Your responsibilities will encompass a range of heavy cleaning duties, from revitalizing floors to scrubbing walls, all aimed at providing a clean and welcoming atmosphere for everyone who enters our premises.

As a Custodian/Cleaner, your mission extends beyond cleanliness. You will also be responsible for promptly identifying and reporting any maintenance or repair needs to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for our team. Your role will not only support the functionality of our facilities but also contribute to the overall well-being of our workforce.

Areas of Responsibilities:

Key Activities:

Core Competences:

Customer Focus: Dedication to meeting the needs of our employees and visitors by maintaining a clean and inviting workspace. Communication: Effectively conveying information regarding maintenance and cleaning tasks to the management team.

Energy and Stress: Managing the physical demands of the role while remaining composed in a dynamic environment. Team Work: Collaborating with colleagues to achieve a pristine and harmonious workplace.

Problem Solving: Demonstrating resourcefulness in addressing cleaning and maintenance challenges. Accountability and Dependability: Taking ownership of your responsibilities and consistently delivering high-quality results. Ethics and Integrity: Upholding ethical standards and maintaining the integrity of our workplace.

Job Duties:

Your daily tasks as a Custodian/Cleaner at Salt Employee Benefits will encompass:

General cleaning and upkeep of office facilities. Sweeping, mopping, polishing, and refinishing resilient floors. Vacuuming and shampooing carpeted areas. Disposing of garbage and recycling bins.

Comprehensive cleaning of halls, offices, boardrooms, restrooms, and lunchrooms. Washing walls, windows, upholstered furniture, and window coverings. Ensuring restroom facilities are clean and well-stocked. Monitoring work quality and providing training when necessary.


High Motivation: Demonstrating a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently. Scheduling and Prioritization: Proficiency in scheduling and prioritizing tasks effectively. Flexibility: Adaptability to perform tasks beyond the scope of the job description.

Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication skills for clear instructions and effective reporting. Problem Solving: Capable of generating alternative solutions to challenges. Time Management: Excellent time management and project management abilities.

Judgment and Reasoning: Exhibiting sound and independent judgment. Policy Implementation: Ability to interpret and implement company policies and procedures. Interpersonal Skills: Strong interpersonal skills to thrive in a diverse working environment.

Pressure Handling: Ability to perform well under pressure. Attention to Detail: Exceptional attention to detail. Sensitivity: Ability to deal with people sensitively, tactfully, diplomatically, and professionally. Ad Hoc Support: Willingness to assist with occasional work functions and events. First Aid Skills: First Aid skills and/or certificates are considered assets.

Please Note: This job description is not exhaustive, and additional tasks may be assigned as needed. Salt Employee Benefits reserves the right to change or amend the job description in line with company requirements.

If you are ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey as a Custodian/Cleaner with Salt Employee Benefits, we encourage you to apply. Join our team and contribute to creating a clean, safe, and welcoming environment for all. Your dedication and hard work will be key to our success.

Elevate your career and make a meaningful impact by joining Salt Employee Benefits today!







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