Exciting Career Opportunity: Nando’s Assistant (Patroa)

Exciting Career Opportunity: Nando’s Assistant (Patroa)


Company: GHMH
Job Title: Nandos Assistant (Patroa)
Job Type: Full-time

GHMH, a dynamic and thriving company, is currently seeking an enthusiastic and experienced individual to join our team in the position of Nando’s Assistant (Patroa). This role is pivotal in ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of our casa, adhering to Nando’s operational standards, and providing exceptional customer experiences. If you are a passionate leader with extensive restaurant management experience and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to apply for this exciting opportunity.

Job Purpose: The Nandos Assistant (Patroa) is responsible for supporting the Patrao in overseeing the efficient and effective operation of the casa. This includes ensuring compliance with Nando’s operational standards and procedures. The role involves active floor management, conducting daily compliance checks, managing stock and cash, and fostering a positive work environment.

Key Responsibilities:

Operational Management: Adhere to casa opening and closing procedures and trading hours. Engage with customers, address in-casa complaints using the LEAP method. Conduct active floor management, instructing, guiding, and assisting Nandos. Ensure adherence to SOP’s and customer service behaviors. Perform daily compliance checks related to health, safety, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, and hygiene.

Monitor daily and weekly cleaning schedules. Update and monitor the production and defrosting planner. Prepare and complete all station stock sheets and checklists. Conduct daily stock counts and place daily stock orders. Receive and manage the packing of all orders, ensuring adherence to FIFO and FEFO principles. Conduct in-casa quality control on all products.

Manage cashier floats, conduct cash ups, and maintain control to prevent stock and cash losses. Monitor IT services, manage casa IT, and resolve system issues. Conduct “Moment Of Pride” meetings and ensure the board is updated daily Monitor the scheduler, take corrective action, and organize Nandocas’ shifts in case of absenteeism or sickness. Update Nandocas on relevant business indicators, events, and processes.

Verify that all Nandocas clock in and out when arriving and leaving shift. Manage issues, conflicts, and the general well-being of Nandocas. Escalate payroll payment and payslip queries to the Patrao. Conduct shift handovers and update ERS using the Enforcer daily.

People Management: Identify nominees for “Nandocas of the Month” and manage the voting process. Create a work schedule for the month and review and update it weekly. Conduct monthly meetings, providing updates on relevant business indicators. Conduct regular one-on-one sessions with Nandocas, offering coaching, mentorship, and guidance.

Identify training requirements and contribute to the development and implementation of the casa training plan. Work with the In-casa Trainer to develop a cross-training plan. Identify Nandocas for the hatchlings program and provide assistance where required. Identify Nandocas with potential and conduct performance appraisals and reviews. Create vacancies and confirm employment information for the casa on the recruitment tracker. Trial potential Nandocas and submit relevant candidate data to HR using the recruitment tracker.

General Operational Management: Conduct the Brand touchpoint check on a monthly basis and implement corrective action. Provide input into the local marketing plan, community map, and SWOT analysis. Work with the Patrao to implement national, regional, and local marketing activities. Conduct the weekly GL recon, second and third Sunday GP counts, and mid-period close calculations.

Raise Escudo, Qpro, and SOP queries and work with the Patrao to resolve them. Create and implement the Escudo self-audit action plan, following up and informing on progress. Replenish crockery and cutlery stock to par levels. Review period-to-date stock variances and accuracy of counts and implement corrective measures.


  • Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level 4 qualification


  • 1-2 years of restaurant experience

Knowledge and Skills:

Knowledge of restaurant operations, including people, product, and customer processes (Advanced) .Knowledge of Nando’s Technical Operations Standards and back-office systems (Advanced) .Communication skills – both written and verbal (Intermediate) .Financial and business acumen (Basic) Coaching and mentoring skills (Intermediate) Microsoft Office skills (Intermediate)


Integrity. Valuing Diversity. Achievement. Interpersonal Effectiveness. Communication. Driving Results. Monitoring and Quality Control. Planning and Organizing. People Management

Personal Attributes:

Passion: Energetic, outgoing, and vibrant personality. Positive, constructive, optimistic, and confident. Dedicated, committed, loyal, and steadfast. Learning orientation, desire, and drive to acquire knowledge and skills. Pride: Meticulous, demonstrates a commitment to quality and excellence. Self-motivated, initiative to undertake tasks without prodding. Conscientious, hardworking, diligent, and reliable. Humility, modest, and unassuming

Family: Courteous, respectful, and considerate. Adaptable, works effectively in diverse situations. Team player, cooperative, contributing, and supportive. Willing, eager, and quick to act or respond. Courage: Assertive, confidently communicates needs or wishes. Resilient, effectively handles stressful situations. Courageous, ventures and perseveres with bravery. Tenacious, persistent regardless of setbacks

Integrity: Independent, not influenced or controlled by others. Adherence to accepted principles of right and wrong. Modeling, leading by example. Credible, trustworthy, and dependable

If you meet the requirements of the position and are excited about the prospect of joining GHMH, please send your CV

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